They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But what if you don't know where to begin?


This half-day event is a great opportunity to learn and unpack the current best practice for what other fast growing businesses are doing in the digital space.

Our Strategy and Tactics workshops are a great chance for you to identify areas of opportunity for growth and improved performance from the online space.


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What's included?

Throughout our half day workshop, we'll cover a range of topics which cover strategies, tools and best practice approaches that every business can benefit from. Whether it is automating your CRM, to increasing the conversion rate on your website, right the way through to better understanding search, social and more. In addition to these topics, there are these additional inclusions:

What does a Strategy and Tactics Workshop look like?

We take a structured approach to these sessions. We also like to keep them intimate and focused. Along with a selection of other business owners, we explore both theory and tactics around how to leverage digital strategy within your business.

Most often, we'll cover the following areas:


Overall, these workshops are a great opportunity to better understand the digital space and get a good insight to exactly how this is applicable to your business. You'll also have an insight into other business who may well be in a similar position to you on the journey.

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Our Values

Digital Made Simple

There are so many things in the digital landscape today, we'll take the technical details away and present a clear, easy to follow program.

Interactive and focused

Where possible, we'll ensure we can tailor and focus on specific areas of interest for your business.

Best Practice

There is a lot of info out there. We'll help you align to best practice of what is actually getting results.

What's Next?

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