We specialise on the implementation of strategy with clients in two specific areas: increasing conversions and improving customer retention.

The biggest challenge we solve, is helping business actually deliver in the digital space, whilst achieving the results their looking for.

We provide a service offering which supports businesses in the digital space, from strategic planning through to implementation. We’ve recognised that there are so many things to know with regards to your digital presence, so we’ve assembled a specialist team, focused on two things - results and excellence of delivery.

Founded by Head of Strategy, Kurt Parziani, Assure Digital was created after Kurt had pursued a corporate career of project management and digital delivery - specialising in the delivery of platforms and implementation of strategies for some of Australia’s largest finance, insurance and franchised brands. As well as this, Kurt had previously coached other web and digital marketing agencies with the delivery of platforms and digital solutions to a wide network of small and medium sized businesses. Having seen that there is still so far left to go, he identified a gap in the market for an organisation who could support growing businesses with a results focused approach to strategy and implementation, without the business owners needing to get bogged down in the technology components themselves.

Assure Digital run a series of workshops and provide initial strategy sessions at no cost to businesses, to allow them to identify areas of opportunity and better understand the areas of their business which could be better supported by technology in the digital space. Our passion is helping businesses realise those light bulb moments and then working closely together with them to realise those goals.

You can find out more about attending an upcoming Strategy Workshop in your capital city, or alternatively book in for a Strategy Session with our team today.

Our Values

Innovate & Educate

Why keeping doing things the way you've always done them? We'll support you to find better ways and show you how along the way.

Results Focused

Keep the eye on the prize, that's our goal. Our team are results focused so that your quality is assured.

Customer Success

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on taking a pragmatic approach.

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