Paid Search and PPC

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Paid Search and PPC

Use our proven methodologies to attract qualified leads to your site through Paid Search placements and other forms of Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) advertising for guaranteed targeted results.

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Paid Search and PPC

Use Paid Search to Drive Qualified Traffic and Fast Track Results

If your business is looking to grow sales, boost enquiries or launching a new product or service offering, then Pay Per Click advertising and Paid Search placements offer a quick method to deliver qualified customers. Attract new visitors to your website, convert them into customers and take a proactive approach to the growth of your business.



Why Paid Ads?

It's no secret that the first place most consumers go to when looking for a product or service, is web search. Google most notably leading the market with the lions share of search traffic across the Australia and New Zealand region. If you are not appearing competitively within search results, then chances are you are actively gifting potential customers to your competitors.

Traffic from search is different to that you may receive from other sources such as Social Media, or Word of Mouth. Search traffic has a specific intent. It is highly qualified and drives enquiry and potential purchasers straight to your business.

PPC = Pay Per Click

Whether you are launching a new product, or just starting out, traffic from Pay Per Click sources is one of the best ways to increase the number of leads into your business from day 1. PPC advertising is available across a number of different mediums and allows you to simply pay a cost per click (as the name suggests), for traffic directly to your site.

By commencing a campaign which allows you to manage costs, you can increase traffic quickly and cost effectively with the view to scale up over time. When used effectively, PPC and Paid Search campaigns compliment an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy. You may choose to adjust or alter your campaign budget allocation over time, depending on seasonalities and your business need.

Position Yourself In Front Of Your Competitors

In competitive industries, search rankings and placement can be challenging and difficult to maintain over time. You can get the jump ahead of your competition by leveraging Paid Search to improve rankings and position yourself at the top of search results.

By utilising Paid Search and other PPC strategies, you can quickly and effortlessly capture market share which will drive traffic to your site. You have a high amount of control over the type of traffic you are attracting as well. Google Ads as an example, uses a bidding system that is keyword based, allowing you to specify what traffic you would like to receive and how much you are willing to pay per click.

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The Assured Approach

A poorly planned and executed Paid Search campaign can be costly to a business where you may as well be throwing your money away. 

Our team of Specialists support businesses across the B2B and B2C space with generating leads and sales quickly online, saving you time, money and energy. Utilising industry leading platforms from Google and Bing, we take a pragmatic approach to your Paid Search campaign so you can sustainably attract qualified traffic consistently with a focus on quality of traffic, over quantity.  

For every business we work with, we develop a clear plan and highlight opportunities for running a profitable campaign to quickly grow sales and enquiries online.


How We Deliver Results Via Paid Search

Finding The Baseline

Before we send traffic to your site, we need to make sure it's capable of converting traffic. Most businesses do a good job attracting - they just don't convert or retain well. That's like having hundreds of customers into a shop and nobody buying! It's much more effective doing this beforehand. We optimise the site to convert specifically based on the needs of your ideal customer.

Pragmatic Search Placement

Across your industry, product and service, we produce a range of different keywords from what we call a 'content universe'. These keywords form the basis of the campaign and over the initial phase of the campaign, we prune, refine and optimise this campaign to drive profitable sales and new enquiry.

Finger On The Pulse

Throughout the lifetime of your campaign, we produce campaign dashboards that track performance and let you see in realtime, how the campaign is performing and correlate this back to tangible business outcomes. We share and review this with you each and every month.

Experience Comes First

With every campaign we run, the experience of your potential customer comes as our #1 priority. Across their online journey, each and every touchpoint is designed with your your customers experience in mind. This ensures their digital experience matches the real world experience you deliver, improves conversions and further optimises for ROI.

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